Personalized Solutions

I view and ‘walk’ your yard before offering a quote. 

Size and number of dogs, as well as dimensions of clean up area are factored into pricing. The first priority is to clean up, and maintain your chosen focus area of the property, and stay within your budget.

Service includes the following:

1. Dog poop double bagged, then deposited in your trash.

2. All tools and footwear are disinfected before and after accessing the property.

3. A courtesy call or text alert prior to arrival is available upon request.

4. Stool sample collection available.


 Appointment  options include:

Weekly maintenance* – prices starting at $10.00 per appointment (minimum 4 appointments prepaid).

2 x week  maintenance* – prices starting at $8.75 per appointment (minimum 8 appointments prepaid).

“Senior Complex” patio / mini yard maintenance*. Special pricing available.

“Rehabilitation” maintenance* – prices starting at $12 per appointment. NO MINIMUM, complete flexibility to adjust appointments as your recovery progresses.

Large volume clean up appointment. Prices starting at $40. This appointment could be a necessary first appointment before a maintenance* route is initiated.

URGENT appointments available.

* maintenance is referring to properties that have not accumulated more than 2 weeks of dog waste.

All arrangements will be quoted, and prepayment required before work begins. Sales tax is added to all quoted prices for services.

GIFT CERTIFICATE “A thoughtful gift” for:

  •   persons facing a ‘recovery’ from a medical procedure

  •   families busy with a new baby

  •   persons with mobility, balance or, neuropathy concerns

  •   persons with multiple dogs

  •   persons busy prepping a property for sale

                        please call with questions 585-905-9423